2022 collection


A brief note from Simon Pearce, Editor-in-Chief of the European Thyroid Journal:


“Now in its 11th year of publishing, European Thyroid Journal, the official journal of the European Thyroid Association, has undergone significant recent change. We have relaunched with a fully open access, online publishing model under the society publisher, Bioscientifica, and with that comes a new look!

With a 2020 Journal Impact Factor of 4.209, the European Thyroid Journal is now the leading open-access publication dedicated to thyroidology. The Journal accepts papers on a wide range of subjects from fundamental science related to the thyroid, thyroid cancer, autoimmunity, thyroid hormone action, to iodine nutrition, clinical trials, thyroid imaging and thyroid diseases at all stages of life including during childhood and pregnancy.

We aim to bring you high quality research papers, which have been rigorously peer reviewed. All current and previous European Thyroid Journal content is now freely available online. It is my pleasure to bring you a small selection of highly cited papers from recent issues of European Thyroid Journal in this edition. I hope you find these articles as interesting and informative for your practice as I have. I strongly encourage you to seek a home to publish your latest work in the Journal.”


All articles included are free to read online.

2022 ETA Consensus Statement: What are the indications for post-surgical radioiodine therapy in differentiated thyroid cancer?
Furio Pacini et al.

Benefits and limitations of TKIs in patients with medullary thyroid cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Zoe A Efstathiadou et al.

Cellular and molecular basis of thyroid autoimmunity
Joanna Bogusławska et al.

European Thyroid Association. Guideline for the management of pediatric Graves’ disease
Christiaan F Mooij et al.

ETA Guideline on Thyroid Disorders prior to and during Assisted Reproduction
Kris Poppe et al.


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