European Thyroid Journal cover

European Thyroid Journal is the official journal of the European Thyroid Association.

European Thyroid Journal is an open-access journal, publishing papers reporting original research in basic, translational and clinical thyroidology. Original contributions cover all aspects of the field, from molecular and cellular biology to immunology and biochemistry, from physiology to pathology, and from pediatric to adult thyroid diseases with a special focus on thyroid cancer. Readers also benefit from reviews by noted experts, which highlight especially active areas of current research. The journal will further publish formal guidelines in the field, produced and endorsed by the European Thyroid Association.


Journal Sections


Basic Thyroidology

Studies relating to thyroid hormone physiology including hormone action, transport, metabolism or synthesis using in vitro or in vivo models.

Translational Thyroidology

Studies of thyroid pathology, genetic basis of disease and variations in phenotype that have relevance to understanding human physiology or pathological mechanisms.

Clinical Thyroidology

Studies that have the potential to illuminate clinical practice through the study of human subjects including clinical trials, epidemiological studies, case series or case reports.