Pregnancy and reproduction


European Thyroid Journal special collection of articles on pregnancy and reproduction


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The journal recognises the importance of studies in pregnancy and reproduction in thyroidology and have collated a collection of high impact papers in the field to share.


Comments from Editor-in-Chief Professor Simon Pearce – University of Newcastle

"Thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy and preconception may lead to significant anxiety in the patient as well as being associated with adverse maternal and foetal outcomes. The scientific basis for clinical practice has changed over recent years and I am delighted to share this collection of papers from European Thyroid Journal, including the 2021 European Thyroid Association guidelines on thyroid management during assisted reproduction. I hope you enjoy this special topic collection."



2021 European Thyroid Association Guideline on Thyroid Disorders prior to and during Assisted Reproduction
Kris Poppe et al.


Review articles

Turning to Thyroid Disease in Pregnant Women
Stine Linding Andersen and Stig Andersen


Research articles

Dose-Dependent Influence of Antithyroid Drugs on the Difference in Free Thyroxine Levels between Mothers with Graves’ Hyperthyroidism and Their Neonates
Hiroyuki Iwaki et al.

The Increased Trend of Medical Treatment for Thyroid Diseases during Pregnancy: A 13-Year National Study
Suvi Turunen et al.

Effect of Thyromimetic GC-1 Selective Signaling on Reproductive and Lactational Performance in the Hypothyroid Rat
Estefanía Rinaldini et al.

Classification of maternal thyroid function in early pregnancy using repeated blood samples
Louise Knøsgaard et al.

Does foetal gender influence maternal thyroid parameters in pregnancy?
Georgiana Sitoris et al.

Thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer in women with positive thyroid screening in pregnancy: a double-centric, retrospective, cohort study
Jan Jiskra et al.

Benefits of rescreening newborns of mothers affected by autoimmune hypothyroidism
Paolo Cavarzere et al.

Usefulness of thyroid function assessment in infants born to mothers with thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy
Zohar Steinberg Ben-Zeev et al.


Case reports

Congenital Hypothyroidism due to a Low Level of Maternal Thyrotropin Receptor-Blocking Antibodies
Solène Castellnou et al.

Malignant Struma Ovarii with Concurrent Thyroid Cancer: Outcomes during and after Pregnancy
Sara Donato, Helder Simões, and Valeriano Leite

Thyroid function tests, incongruent internally and with thyroid status, both in a pregnant woman and in her newborn daughter
Federica D’Aurizio et al.