Impact Factor Collection


We are pleased to announce that the European Thyroid Journal has achieved a 2022 Journal Impact FactorTM of 4.7, which is a 15% increase on its 2021 figure.

It now ranks 42 out of 145 in the category of ‘Endocrinology and Metabolism’ in the latest Journal Citation ReportsTM, placing it in the second quartile of all journals in this area.

This result is testament to the high quality of authors’ published articles, and the dedication of the editorial board and reviewers, who together ensure that European Thyroid Journal continues to be a leading journal in the field of thyroidology.

Professor Simon Pearce, Editor-in-Chief of European Thyroid Journal, said:
“I’m delighted with the increase in impact factor announced this week for European Thyroid Journal. This reflects the truly international standing of the Journal and I’m extremely grateful for the commitment of both the submitting authors, our diligent peer reviewers and editorial board to publishing the highest quality papers on thyroid disease.”

Explore our collection of the top-cited research articles, reviews and guidelines that contributed to the 2022 Impact Factor.




European Thyroid Association and Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe 2021 Clinical Practice Guideline for the Use of Minimally Invasive Treatments in Malignant Thyroid Lesions
Giovanni Mauri, Laszlo Hegedüs, Steven Bandula, Roberto Luigi Cazzato, Agnieszka Czarniecka, Oliver Dudeck, Laura Fugazzola, Romana Netea-Maier, Gilles Russ, Göran Wallin, and Enrico Papini

2021 European Thyroid Association Guideline on Thyroid Disorders prior to and during Assisted Reproduction
Kris Poppe, Peter Bisschop, Laura Fugazzola, Gesthimani Minziori, David Unuane, and Andrea Weghofer

2021 European Thyroid Association Guidelines for the Management of Iodine-Based Contrast Media-Induced Thyroid Dysfunction
Tomasz Bednarczuk, Thomas H. Brix, Wolfgang Schima, Georg Zettinig, and George J. Kahaly’




Subacute Thyroiditis in COVID-19 Patients
Saeed Sohrabpour, Farrokh Heidari, Ebrahim Karimi, Reza Ansari, Ardavan Tajdini, and Firouzeh Heidari

Analyzing the Role of DICER1 Germline Variations in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma
Sule Canberk, Joana C. Ferreira, Luísa Pereira, Rui Batısta, Andre F. Vieira, Paula Soares, Manuel Sobrinho Simões, and Valdemar Máximo

Prevalence and Risk Factors of Developing Fistula or Organ Perforation in Patients Treated with Lenvatinib for Radioiodine-Refractory Thyroid Cancer
Laura Valerio, Carlotta Giani, Laura Agate, Eleonora Molinaro, David Viola, Valeria Bottici, Antonio Matrone, Luciana Puleo, Loredana Lorusso, Virginia Cappagli, Alessandro Ribechini, and Rossella Elisei

Thyroid Hormones within the Normal Range and Cardiac Function in the General Population: The EPIPorto Study
João Sérgio Neves, Ricardo Fontes-Carvalho, Marta Borges-Canha, Ana Rita Leite, Sandra Martins, Ana Oliveira, João Tiago Guimarães, Davide Carvalho, Adelino Leite-Moreira, and Ana Azevedo

Quality of Life during Treatment with Lenvatinib for Thyroid Cancer: The Patients' Perspective beyond the Medical Evaluation
Alice Nervo, Alberto Ragni, Alessandro Piovesan, Valentina Marica, Enrica Migliore, Marco Gallo, and Emanuela Arvat




Subacute Thyroiditis from COVID-19 Infection: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Akshay Khatri, Esti Charlap, and Angela Kim

Evidence-Based Use of Levothyroxine/Liothyronine Combinations in Treating Hypothyroidism: A Consensus Document
Jacqueline Jonklaas, Antonio C. Bianco, Anne R. Cappola, Francesco S. Celi, Eric Fliers, Heike Heuer, Elizabeth A. McAninch, Lars C. Moeller, Birte Nygaard, Anna M. Sawka, Torquil Watt, and Colin M. Dayan

Iodine, Seaweed, and the Thyroid
Peter P.A. Smyth

Effect of Thyroid Hormones on Adipose Tissue Flexibility
Lisa Volke and Kerstin Krause

Benefits and Limitations of TKIs in Patients with Medullary Thyroid Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Zoe A. Efstathiadou, Charalambos Tsentidis, Alexandra Bargiota, Vasiliki Daraki, Kalliopi Kotsa, Georgia Ntali, Labrini Papanastasiou, Stelios Tigas, Konstantinos Toulis, Kalliopi Pazaitou-Panayiotou, and Maria Alevizaki