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European Thyroid Journal publishes papers on basic, translational and clinical thyroidology. Topics cover all aspects of the field, from molecular and cellular biology to immunology and biochemistry, from physiology to pathology, and from paediatric to adult thyroid diseases with a special focus on thyroid cancer.

In response to the broad scope of the journal, the editorial team have decided to create a series of special collections, bringing together the latest published content on a specific topic from the journal.

European Thyroid Journal is a fully open-access journal, and therefore all the articles included in the special collections are free to read by all.


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This special topic collection highlights a series of exciting papers on different aspects of the management and complications of hypothyroidism.

Advanced and hereditary thyroid cancer
This topic collection focusses on recent developments in the management of people with advanced and hereditary thyroid cancers.

Autoimmune thyroid diseases
This themed collection brings together the latest papers on autoimmunity as related to the thyroid.

Differentiated thyroid cancer
This topic collection brings together the most recent research advances in differentiated thyroid cancer.

This collection brings together the best of the recently published papers on the theme of hyperthyroidism.

Thyroid imaging
This special topic collection brings together recent papers related to thyroid imaging and image-guided therapeutics.

Impact Factor Collection
Explore this collection of the top-cited guidelines, research articles and reviews that contributed the 2022 Journal Impact Factor

Pregnancy and reproduction
Read the latest research, reviews and guidelines on pregnancy and reproduction in the field of thyroidology.

Paediatric thyroidology
This collection brings together many of the world’s leading authorities on paediatric thyroidology and looks to address some of the challenges faced when treating thyroid disease in childhood.

Cardiovascular system and metabolic effects of thyroid disease
Explore a collection of cutting edge papers on the impact of thyroid disorders on cardiac function and metabolic syndrome, all freely available to read online.