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Kris Poppe, Alicja Hubalewska-Dydejczyk, Peter Laurberg, Roberto Negro, Francesco Vermiglio, and Bijay Vaidya

and this is not associated with an adverse pregnancy outcome [ 2 , 3 ]. GD and GTT must be distinguished from each other because their clinical courses, associated risks for the mother and the fetus, and the management are different. In general the

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Ilaria Muller, Carla Moran, Beatriz Lecumberri, Brigitte Decallonne, Neil Robertson, Joanne Jones, and Colin M. Dayan

) before the TD onset following HAART in a small patient cohort [ 17 ]; therefore, the detection of preclinical disease would not alter the monitoring or management of TD. Recommendation 7. We do not recommend routine measurement of thyroid

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Min Ji Jeon, Won Gu Kim, Ki-Wook Chung, Jung Hwan Baek, Won Bae Kim, and Young Kee Shong

that most PTMCs have a very indolent nature and excellent outcomes [ 2 , 5 , 6 ]. Recently, active surveillance (AS) instead of immediate surgery was suggested as a management option for PTMCs [ 6 - 8 ]. By definition, AS means applying life

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George J. Kahaly, Luigi Bartalena, Lazlo Hegedüs, Laurence Leenhardt, Kris Poppe, and Simon H. Pearce

nodularity coexists with hyperthyroidism, and prior to RAI therapy. 2, ∅∅∅○ Management Medical Treatment Graves’ hyperthyroidism is treated by reducing TH synthesis, using ATD, or by reducing the amount of thyroid tissue with RAI treatment or

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John Lazarus, Rosalind S. Brown, Chantal Daumerie, Alicja Hubalewska-Dydejczyk, Roberto Negro, and Bijay Vaidya

. During the last 2 decades advances in our understanding of thyroid physiology in pregnancy have led to the appreciation of the adverse effects of SCH on both the mother and child. Furthermore, considerable variation in the management of SCH in pregnancy

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Shigenobu Nagataki

ultrasound examination program, i.e. the Fukushima Health Management Survey [ 1 , 2 ]. The first cycle of examinations was conducted to the 2013 fiscal year on all children of the Fukushima Prefecture (residents aged 0-18 years at the time of the accident

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Bernadette Biondi, Luigi Bartalena, David S. Cooper, Laszlo Hegedüs, Peter Laurberg, and George J. Kahaly

-spine fractures) [ 71 , 75 , 108 , 109 ] (1/++0). Fig. 1 Algorithm for the management of SHyper. a TSHR-Abs = TSH-receptor antibodies. b Grade 1 SHyper (TSH levels: 0.1-0.39 mIU/l). c Grade 2 SHyper (TSH levels <0.1 mIU/l). d RAI in patients with

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Patrick W. Owens, Terri P. McVeigh, Eoin J. Fahey, Marcia Bell, Denis S. Quill, Michael J. Kerin, and Aoife J. Lowery

radioiodine remnant ablation (RRA); it follows that overdiagnosis of DTC results in potentially avoidable morbidity arising from surgical or RRA therapies. The key recommendations of the British Thyroid Association (BTA) 2014 guidelines for the management of

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Luca Persani, Georg Brabant, Mehul Dattani, Marco Bonomi, Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen, Eric Fliers, Annette Gruters, Dominique Maiter, Nadia Schoenmakers, and A.S. Paul van Trotsenburg

pituitary hormone deficiency (MPHD), a condition complicating both diagnosis and clinical management of CeH. Congenital CeH can be moderate to severe in approximately half of the cases and consequently affect neurodevelopment [ 3 ]. In these cases, a delayed

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Christiaan F Mooij, Timothy D Cheetham, Frederik A Verburg, Anja Eckstein, Simon H Pearce, Juliane Léger, and A S Paul van Trotsenburg

level ‘ØOOO’ – very low. The drafted guideline version was discussed within the task force until consensus was reached. The recommendations are listed in Table 1 . Table 1 European Thyroid Association 2022 recommendations for the management of