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C. Mari Aparici and T. Liu

What Is Known about This Topic • Very little is known about lymphatic spread of thyroid cancer outside the regional lymphatic nodal stations. What This Case Report Adds • It shows for the first time metastatic disease from thyroid

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Francesca Carlomagno

-derived calcitonin-producing thyroid parafollicular C cells and represents 5–10% of all thyroid cancers. Although most MTCs are sporadic and affect adult patients, around 25% of cases are familial and occur in the frame of inherited cancer syndromes called multiple

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Matthieu Bosset, Maxime Bonjour, Solène Castellnou, Zakia Hafdi-Nejjari, Claire Bournaud-Salinas, Myriam Decaussin-Petrucci, Jean Christophe Lifante, Agnès Perrin, Jean-Louis Peix, Philippe Moulin, Geneviève Sassolas, Michel Pugeat, and Françoise Borson-Chazot

Introduction Thyroid cancer is the most common endocrine malignancy, and its incidence globally has increased over the last 30 years [ 1 , 2 ]. Papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) represents more than 90% of all thyroid cancer cases and is the

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Friederike Schütz, Christine Lautenschläger, Kerstin Lorenz, and Johannes Haerting

Introduction Thyroid cancer is the most common endocrine cancer, responsible for approximately 1% of all malignant diseases [ 1 ]. Since the end of the 1990s, the incidence of thyroid cancers in women has increased to nearly double in Germany

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Constance Xhaard, Juan J. Lence-Anta, Yan Ren, Françoise Borson-Chazot, Geneviève Sassolas, Claire Schvartz, Marc Colonna, Brigitte Lacour, Arlette Danzon, Michel Velten, Enora Clero, Stéphane Maillard, Emilie Marrer, Laurent Bailly, Eugènia Mariné Barjoan, Martin Schlumberger, Jacques Orgiazzi, Elisabeth Adjadj, Celia M. Pereda, Silvia Turcios, Milagros Velasco, Mae Chappe, Idalmis Infante, Marlene Bustillo, Anabel García, Sirced Salazar, Regla Rodriguez, Mohamed Amine Benadjaoud, Rosa M. Ortiz, Carole Rubino, and Florent de Vathaire

Introduction Over the last few decades, the differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) incidence has grown rapidly in many countries [ 1 ]. The study of DTC risk factors is therefore of great importance to understand this observed increase in

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Yoon Young Cho, Hye Won Jang, Ji Young Joung, Sun-Mi Park, Dae Joon Jeong, Sun Wook Kim, and Jae Hoon Chung

Introduction Childhood thyroid cancer is a rare malignancy, but its incidence has been gradually increasing according to several epidemiologic studies [ 1 , 2 ]. An increase in the incidence of childhood thyroid cancer (aged 0-14 years) was

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Mohammad-Reza Mahmoudian-sani, Ameneh Mehri-Ghahfarrokhi, Majid Asadi-Samani, and Gholam-Reza Mobini

Introduction Thyroid cancer is the most common endocrine malignancy and accounts for about 1% of cancers [ 1 , 2 ]. According to research findings, the degree of malignancy of this cancer in women is 3 times more than that in men, which is

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Brigitte Decallonne, Annick Van den Bruel, Gilles Macq, Nathalie Elaut, and Harlinde De Schutter

Introduction In Belgium, higher thyroid cancer incidence – most pronounced for microcancers (T1a) – is present in the Southern region, Wallonia, compared to the Northern region, Flanders. In a pioneer national population

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Ayanthi Wijewardene, Matti Gild, Carolina Nylén, Geoffrey Schembri, Paul Roach, Jeremy Hoang, Ahmad Aniss, Anthony Glover, Mark Sywak, Stan Sidhu, Diana Learoyd, Bruce Robinson, Lyndal Tacon, and Roderick Clifton-Bligh

Introduction The incidence of thyroid cancer is increasing worldwide [ 1 ]. In Australia, thyroid cancer is increasing more than any other malignancy, with incidence rising from 2.7 to 13 per 100,000 persons between 1982 and 2019 [ 2 , 3

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Andrea Palermo, Andrea Napolitano, Daria Maggi, Anda Mihaela Naciu, Gaia Tabacco, Silvia Manfrini, Anna Crescenzi, Chiara Taffon, Francesco Pantano, Bruno Vincenzi, Guiseppe Tonini, and Daniele Santini

Established Facts It is already known that papillary thyroid cancer arising in a background of Hashimoto thyroiditis shows increased programmed cell death-1 (PD-L1). It is already known that metastases to the thyroid gland are