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Joke Marlier, Guy T’Sjoen, Jean Kaufman, and Bruno Lapauw

Introduction Hypothyroidism indicates the pathological condition of thyroid hormone (TH) deficiency and when untreated, it can lead to severe health effects. Hypothyroidism can be categorised as primary (PHT) or central hypothyroidism (CHT

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Roberto Fiore, Stefano La Rosa, Silvia Uccella, Deborah Marchiori, and Peter A Kopp

Established facts Consumptive hypothyroidism is a rare paraneoplastic syndrome, resulting in the degradation of T4 and T3 by overexpression of deiodinase 3 in neoplastic tissue. It has been primarily observed in patients with hemangiomas

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Sébastien Verdickt, Falco Van Nes, Carolien Moyson, Toon Maes, Paul Van Crombrugge, Annick Van den Bruel, and Brigitte Decallonne

Introduction Radioactive iodine (RAI) has been used for the treatment of patients with Graves’ hyperthyroidism since the 1950s. After a single RAI administration, patients ideally become euthyroid but frequently develop hypothyroidism. On the

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Giorgio Radetti, Franco Rigon, Alessandro Salvatoni, Irene Campi, Tiziana De Filippis, Valentina Cirello, Silvia Longhi, Fabiana Guizzardi, Marco Bonomi, and Luca Persani

Introduction Patients with congenital hypothyroidism (CH) display a certain degree of resistance to levothyroxine (LT4) either at birth or during childhood ( 1 , 2 ). This clinical picture usually improves later in life ( 1 ), although adult

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Stine Linding Andersen, Niels Henrik Bruun, Peter Astrup Christensen, Simon Lykkeboe, Aase Handberg, Annebirthe Bo Hansen, Maja Hjelm Lundgaard, Louise Knøsgaard, Nanna Maria Uldall Torp, Allan Carlé, Jesper Karmisholt, Inge Bülow Pedersen, Peter Vestergaard, and Stig Andersen

thyroglobulin antibodies (Tg-Ab) are the hallmarks of autoimmune hypothyroidism ( 3 ). Hypothyroidism is a concern in women who become pregnant, because of the association with adverse outcomes of pregnancy and child development ( 4 , 5 ). The adverse effects

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Colin M. Dayan and Vijay Panicker

Introduction An association between hypothyroidism and depression has been accepted and taught in medicine for many years, although the nature of this relationship and what determines it have not been convincingly proven. Observations on which

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Simon H.S. Pearce, Mario Vaisman, and Jean-Louis Wemeau

Introduction Subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH) is defined by an elevation of the serum TSH with circulating free thyroid hormone concentrations that are within the reference range [ 1 ]. It is a common issue in clinical practice that

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Simon H.S. Pearce, Georg Brabant, Leonidas H. Duntas, Fabio Monzani, Robin P. Peeters, Salman Razvi, and Jean-Louis Wemeau

Introduction Subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH) is defined as a state of increased serum thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels, with circulating thyroxine (T 4 ) and tri-iodothyronine (T 3 ) concentrations within the population reference

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Yingxin Fang, Pingping Dang, Yue Liang, Defa Zhao, Ranran Wang, Yue Xi, Dan Zhang, Wei Wang, Zhongyan Shan, Weiping Teng, and Xiaochun Teng

presented intellectual disability in childhood that resembles congenital hypothyroidism ( 6 ). Although treatment with THs leads to improvements in certain clinical phenotypes of patients with RTHα, including constipation and problems with nerve conduction

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María de los Ángeles Garayalde Gamboa, Melina Saban, and Marina Ines Curriá

What Is Known about This Topic? True malabsorption is a cause of refractory hypothyroidism. Treatment with intramuscular levothyroxine (LT4) is an alternative for the treatment of these patients. What Does This Case Report Add