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Dillwyn Williams

and the pattern of occurrence of cancers would be expected. The thyroid is particularly unusual both in its growth pattern and in the behaviour of its cancers. To explore the relationship between thyroid growth and thyroid cancer, evidence from several

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Toru Takano

Introduction Thyroid cancer in children is a rare disease found in only a few children in a million. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake and following the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant accident in 2011, many children in Fukushima, Japan

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Emilio Fiore, Francesco Latrofa, and Paolo Vitti

associated with a higher frequency and more advanced stage of thyroid cancer [ 54 , 55 , 56 , 57 , 58 , 59 , 60 , 61 ]. In HT patients, the progressive reduction of thyroid function as a consequence of the autoimmune process leads to the progressive increase

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Francesca Carlomagno

of the RET gene have been identified in two different types of thyroid neoplasia: medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) and papillary thyroid carcinoma. RET Mutations in MTC: A New Target for Cancer Treatment MTC arises from neural crest

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Jan Jiskra, Jiří Horáček, Sylvie Špitálníková, Jan Paleček, Zdeňka Límanová, Jan Krátký, Drahomíra Springer, Kristýna Žabková, and Hana Vítková

supply are not available. After breast cancer, thyroid cancer is the second most common malignancy diagnosed during pregnancy ( 4 ). Approximately, 10% of thyroid cancers found during childbearing age occur during pregnancy or within the 12 months

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Satoshi Koyama, Naritomo Miyake, Kazunori Fujiwara, Tsuyoshi Morisaki, Takahiro Fukuhara, Hiroya Kitano, and Hiromi Takeuchi

Introduction Anaplastic thyroid cancer (ATC) is one of the most aggressive cancers, and death usually occurs within a few months after diagnosis [ 1 ]. Surgery is the most effective treatment to improve the prognosis [ 2 - 4 ]; however, most

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Andrea Palermo, Andrea Napolitano, Daria Maggi, Anda Mihaela Naciu, Gaia Tabacco, Silvia Manfrini, Anna Crescenzi, Chiara Taffon, Francesco Pantano, Bruno Vincenzi, Guiseppe Tonini, and Daniele Santini

Established Facts It is already known that papillary thyroid cancer arising in a background of Hashimoto thyroiditis shows increased programmed cell death-1 (PD-L1). It is already known that metastases to the thyroid gland are

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Diana Borges Duarte, Vânia Benido Silva, Guilherme Assunção, André Couto Carvalho, and Cláudia Freitas

years, thyroid cancer has an excellent prognosis with a 5-year disease-specific survival rate of over 95% ( 2 ). Increased risk of non-thyroidal second primary malignancy (NTSPM) in DTC patients has been reported in several cancer epidemiological and

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C. Mari Aparici and T. Liu

What Is Known about This Topic • Very little is known about lymphatic spread of thyroid cancer outside the regional lymphatic nodal stations. What This Case Report Adds • It shows for the first time metastatic disease from thyroid

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M. Schlumberger, L. Bastholt, H. Dralle, B. Jarzab, F. Pacini, and J.W.A. Smit

Methods of Development of Evidence-Based Guidelines The European Thyroid Association (ETA) Executive Committee launched a taskforce to produce guidelines on the treatment of metastatic medullary thyroid cancer (MTC). A chairperson was selected