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Simon H. Pearce
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Wilmar M. Wiersinga
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In 2011, the Executive Committee of the European Thyroid Association (ETA) voted to endorse the creation of a new journal to publish the scientific works of members, guidelines and position papers of the Association, and papers of other researchers in the field of thyroidology. This important venture had been proposed by ETA President, Prof. Peter Laurberg, and it was agreed that Prof. Wilmar Wiersinga would be the first Editor-in-Chief. Working together with the then ETA treasurer, Prof. George Kahaly, a publishing contract was secured with Mr. Thomas Nold of Karger Publishers. Following a call for papers, the first issue of the European Thyroid Journal was born in April 2012 containing 9 papers, and a total of 475 indexed papers have been published to date. Initially, the journal appeared quarterly and since 2017, bimonthly, achieving the first impact factor of 3.025, which has risen to 4.209 in 2020. We are extremely grateful to the publishing professionals at Karger who took a gamble on the success of the journal and helped the ETA take forward its vision over the last 10 years, in particular Thomas Nold, Esther Bettiol, Patrick Näf and Stephanie Mantl, and more recently Jessada Mahatthananchai and Angela Lorenz. This Acknowledgement marks the final volume published by Karger, and we say a heart-felt thank you to Karger Publishers. From January 2022, the journal will be published as fully open access and online with BioScientifica. We are grateful to all the past and current Editorial Board Members and Associate Editors, as well as the real constituency of the Journal, those experts who have reviewed papers, ETA Guideline authors and authors who have contributed to the journal.

Simon H. Pearce, Editor in Chief

Wilmar Wiersinga, Founding Editor

Acknowledgement to Reviewers 2021

The editor and editorial board gratefully acknowledge the support of the following referees from December 1, 2020, to September 27, 2021.

Stine Linding Andersen, Aalborg

Alessandro Antonelli, Pisa

Sebastian Aspinall, Aberdeen

Luigi Bartalena, Varese

Andrew J. Bauer, Philadelphia, PA

Adrien Ben Hamou, Neuilly-sur-Seine

Steen Joop Bonnema, Odense

Henry B. Burch, Bethesda, MD

Pietro Giorgio Calò, Cagliari

Sule Canberk, Porto

Philippe Caron, Toulouse

Maria Grazia Castagna, Siena

Marco Centanni, Latina

T. Cheetham, Newcastle upon Tyne

Roderick Clifton-Bligh, Sydney, NSW

Chantal Emilia Daumerie, Brussels

Colin Dayan, Cardiff

Yuri de Albuquerque, Recife

Harald Dobnig, Graz

Chrysoula Dosiou, Stanford, CA

Leonidas Duntas, Athens

Cosimo Durante, Rome

Grigoris Effraimidis, Copenhagen

Rossella Elisei, Pisa

Glenn Flux, London

Laura Fugazzola, Milan

Carlotta Giani, Pisa

Luca Giovanella, Bellinzona

William J. Griffiths, Swansea

Laszlo Hegedüs, Odense

Omar Hilmi, Glasgow

Jesper Karmisholt, Aalborg

P.A. Kopp, Chicago, IL

T. Korevaar, Rotterdam

Aleksander Kus, Warsaw

Roberto Laureano-Melo, Seropédica

Sun Y. Lee, Boston, MA

Laurence Leenhardt, Paris

Thera P. Links, Groningen

Patricia Cristina Lisboa, Rio de Janeiro

Michele Marinò, Pisa

Giovanni Mauri, Milan

Éric Mirallié, Nantes

Marina Muzza, Milan

Roberto Negro, Lecce

Romana Netea-Maier, Nijmegen

Marek Niedziela, Poznan

Alyaksandr Nikitski, Pittsburgh, PA

Iain J. Nixon, Edinburgh

Birte Nygaard, Herlev

Kalliopi Pazaitou Panayiotou, Thessaloniki

Simon H. Pearce, Newcastle upon Tyne

Luca Persani, Milan

Catherine J. Peters, London

Fabian Pitoia, Buenos Aires

Kris Poppe, Brussels

Alessandro Prete, Pisa

Delphine Prunier-Mirebeau, Angers

Salman Razvi, Newcastle

Nicholas Simon Reed, Glasgow

Samuel Refetoff, Chicago, IL

Christoph Reiners, Würzburg

Patrice Rodien, Angers

Pedro Weslley Rosario, Belo Horizonte

Gilles Russ, Paris

Peter M. Sadow, Boston, MA

Anna M. Sawka, Toronto, ON

Vicki J. Schnadig, Galveston, TX

Erik Schoenmakers, Cambridge

Ricard Simo, London

Naykky Singh Ospina, Gainesville, FL

Vicki E. Smith, Birmingham

Gabor Szinnai, Basel

Toru Takano, Suita

Bijay Vaidya, Exeter

H.M. van Santen, Utrecht

A.S. Van Trotsenburg, Amsterdam

David Viola, Pisa

Jonathan Wadsley, Sheffield

Lori Wirth, Boston, MA

Milos Zarkovic, Belgrade

Lei Zhang, Cardiff


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